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Four Seasons in New England


     Spring spreads slowly from the Coast to the Mountains, reaching Vermont and inland New Hampshire a few weeks later.  And with the awakening of the trees from a long winter comes the Maple Sugar and Maple Syrup season in March - lasting into April.  In May, the Apple Blossoms herald the arrival Summer fast approaching.  Days are much longer the further north one travels.


      Summers are Warm and Welcoming - 3 glorious months of warm and green.  Lakes and rivers warm-up, too - and each small town settles down to welcome visitors  Late Summer begins the harvest season.        By mid-September, "Harvest Festivals" abound.  Most Wineries have special Grape Harvest festivals - and there are 45+ "agricultural fairs" thruout Connecticut and Massachusets.

              And we must mention the - Grandest Fall Festival of all -

    "The Big E Mid-September for 17 Days.The New England State Fair - officially the "Eastern States Exposition" - the ONE place to See and Share the Bounty of ALL Six New England States.

 CLICK HERE to Go to The BIG E PAGE !!! 


      Fall Foliage begins in the North in mid-September - and you can track the "peak" foliage season as it moves south, finally arriving along the Coast by late October and lasting into the first week of November in the towns along Long Island Sound.  Our 126 Fall Tours follow the Foliage, so you can see spectacular autumn colors on many of our Amtrak Train Tours even in late October and often into the first week of November.   And Thanksgiving BEGAN in New England - almost 400 years ago, and it is still celebrated at Plimoth Plantation and in hundreds of small towns with festivals and even a parade or two.


     And, then comes Winter. After festive holiday events celebrating Christmas and New Years, New England settles down under a blanket of white (usually) and peace, quiet, and serenity arrive.  And we all take time to relax - indoors.  Yes, there is a lot of skiing and hockey, snowshoeing - but we leave that to others - and our memories.  Spring is not too far away - and Mother Nature begins once again.

    From:   ... Byram Point to Lake Champlain ...

... Provincetown to  Lubec, Maine ...

126 Fall Foliage Tours - PLUS  398+ MORE New England Tours

... Welcome ...

      We are very happy that You have chosen to explore the Wonders of our Six States.  12 Months of the Very BEST that Mother Nature shares with You - Right HERE.  

     Let us show You our beautiful, historic countryside, and offer You,"Taste of New EnglandPumpkin Pie, Lobsters, Apple Pie, Pot Roast,Turkey, Sweet Potatoes,SeafoodCranberries, 

   Just think of Thanksgiving Dinner. Available ALL Year ...

     . . . Welcome to New England ...

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This is a Great Landmark in Newport RI. A Full-Size Iron Anchor! It is sooo Unique. You will have to Stop & See. Luckily, it's Next to
Bannister's Wharf Shops and Boutiques.
I Believe the Quote in 
this Photo (below) ... Leaves Nothing else to Say ... the
Philadelphia Flower Show !

(except that it is 115 miles from New England - and We go to Philly, too)

Fresh Fall Apples in
New England. Be
Sure to Choose One of Our
126 Fabulous Fall Tours !

As are Beautiful Barns and Stunning Views !


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The Beauty of Maine.  
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The Maine Lobster Festival -
 There is No Better Way to Experience Lobsters than with Us on One of Our 9 DownEast Maine Tours !

Click Here for Our 9 DownEast Lobster Tours !

This Topping Has found it's way from Breakfast to all different inspiring meals ... What state produces the most ?

This Candy Treat may not be found in your neck of the woods but we'll make sure You and Your Friends enjoy some on every tour to New England!   What Candy is it ?

A Taste of Something Delicious ... Can You Name the local factory were this treat is made? There are also shoppes all over America ... Nothing beats a Cone at the Orginal Dairy!

Can You Name this Lobster?


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