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     The Largest State Fair in the East !! 

New England's Great State Fair with all the Trimmings and Entertainment

So BIG - it includes Six States = ALL of New England

                 only ...   BIGGER and BETTER !    Get the idea?

Just plain Old-Fashioned FUN !! 

  • FREE Circus and  Midway.  There is something for EVERYONE !
  • FREE BIG Name Entertainment on Stages = FREE
  • Crafts   Hundreds of Crafts exhibits ... 
  • Better Living Center   a Consumer's Paradise ... Hundreds of Booths ...
  • Agricultural Attractions -

- what would a States Fair  be without - Pie Baking Contests, Jams and Jellies, Horse Shows, Cow Milking, Oxen Pulling, Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Pony Rides, Camel Rides,  FOOD All-Day  ?

Parade at 5:00pm Daily     Mardi Gras & a Carnival all in one !!


Walk Through New England in One Hour !

Authentic 19th Century American Township constructed around a

traditional New England Village Green    "Avenue of the States" 

  • Full Sized Buildings modeled after...

... the Capitol Buildings of all Six New England States

  • Traditional New England Food​​
    • Seafood - LOTS of New England Clam Chowder
    • Savory ... Maine Baked Potatoes  -   Lobsters - Blueberries
    • Pure New Hampshire Maple Syrup
    • Golden Clam Cakes from Rhode Island
    • Fresh from-the-bog Massachusetts Cranberries
    • Tangy  Vermont Cheeses & Ice Cream and MORE Maple Syrup
    • Tasty Connecticut Mushrooms     AND    Yummy  Seafood


What a Better way to end your day than with a FUN  Parade !!

Truly a memorable day !!

Come on ..... Join Us at The Big E !!

The Big "E" Your Perfect Addition to ANY New England Tour.                                                All Day or even One Afternoon of  FUN.

17 Days  -  September  13-29, 2019                   10am  -  8pm  -  Daily


ADD - The Big E  - to ANY Tour of New England


Can You Choose Just One thing to Eat? Of Course You Can't ... That's Why You Spend the Day, Wander through the Avenue of the States, See the
Wine & Cheese Barn ... Spend some time Shopping !!
For Those of you attending for the Carnival Rides,
the 5pm Parade, and the Fireworks !!
One of the 1,000+ Craft Vendors in the Better Living Center !! 
 A Walk Along the Midway Enjoying the Sites
from the Center of
Everything !!
Who doesn't Love them ? Especially Just Past The Typical Season ! End Your Day With a Second Helping of Your Favorite Food !! Watching The Night Sky Light Up !!!
Now Let's Get to - The FoodThe Great Stuff
P.S. There are more than 1,400 Animals at The Big E !!
Will You Get to See them All ?
At The Big E Which Animals Will You see ?
An Elephant, goat, horse,
cow, camel, llama, chicken,
or all of them?
Classic Big E Drawings From Over the Years Showing Off the Buildings From Capitol Row ... At The Big E They Have Avenues of the States with Replicas of the New England State Capitol Buildings ... Below is the
New Hampshire Capitol !! 
Below is Avenue of the States from one Year at The Big E !!

Your Motorcoach or Our Motorcoach ?     1 - Day & Overnight Tours

NOTE - We offer GROUP Tours ONLY - and ALL prices INCLUDE a Motorcoach


The Train Ride experience is Part of Your Tour - Not used just for transportation 

If you prefer to use Your Favorite Coach Company for the entire tour, please let us know the COACH COMPANY NAME and you can book and pay them directly and we will give you a

CREDIT OF $1,000 per day from your total amount due. 

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More Tours - More Imagination = More FUN 

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 More ? You would like MORE Tours ?  Of Course.  We work for You.  

This is YOUR Tour - These are YOUR Tours.

 o  ALL Tours are fully Escorted by Professionals PLUS - Local Guides and Historians.  

 o  ALL Tours can be modified to suit YOUR INTERESTS and BUDGET                

 o  Details - Guaranteed - You will SEE and ENJOY and LEARN = MORE FUN, too. 

 o  Always Your choice - Our Motorcoaches or Yours

   Yes, We have many more Tours and Special Events available.  Please take your time reading through our Websites - 8 Websites covering the Entire Northeastern USA and Canada PLUS Train Tours - Many MORE Train and Motorcoach Tours around the USA and Canada.                    

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You have All the FUN.
Some Other Great Features to Enjoy at The Big E !!
Toll Free: (888)837-7885
With So Much to Do ... Where will you Start?
Options and Options and Options Galore !!!


- The Big E ... Just Waiting for YOU 

... and Your Friends, TOO ...

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